“Our name LilaNur represents India’s syncretic culture - Lila is Sanskrit for the illusionary celestial play of Creation and Nur is Arabic/Persian word for Divine Light”


Our co-founder Anita Lal portrait

Anita Lal

The LilaNur Parfums story begins with Anita Lal and her deep fascination with the vivid colours and heady scents that punctuate everyday life across the subcontinent. Born in the year of India’s independence, Anita’s life has been defined by cultural pride.

She founded Good Earth, India’s leading design house in 1996 to celebrate the designs and stories of India. In 2017 with her daughter Simran Lal, Anita created a wellness brand Paro - a concept boutique in India’s capital based on Vedic wisdom that promotes holistic well-being and living in harmony with the rhythms of the cosmos.  

In every creative endeavour, there has been a common fragrant thread – a love for perfumery. It has been her dream to create a fine fragrance brand based on the authenticity of Indian ingredients and to reintroduce the sensual tradition of scenting with Attars.

With LilaNur Parfums, she is once again breaking new ground by pairing French master perfumers with India’s iconic flora, redefining 21st century Indian scent.

Our co-founder Paul Austin portrait

Paul Austin

After 20 years of working for one of the world's most renowned fragrance creation companies in Paris, London and New York, Paul took his first trip to India in 2009 not knowing it would completely transform his relationship with the world of scent.

Having worked on countless niche and designer fragrances over the course of his career, it was in the jasmine fields near Madurai that a passion emerged: to more deeply understand the people, cultural context and craft of the natural perfumery ingredients at the source of his métier.

Paul soon founded an award-winning branding and content agency built around a new understanding of brand narratives and how to connect makers and consumers in an authentic and inspiring way.

Several years later, and after various projects in India, Paul and Anita had an auspicious encounter - fueled by a share loved of scent and Indian flora - and together they set out to create LilaNur Parfums, India's first luxury fragrance house.

LilaNur rose burlap bags
LilaNur rose burlap bags